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Abstratech 2.0 is powered by Evox.

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Evox AI is an Artificial Intelligence bot created by Gerardo Mercado (Abstratech Token LLC CEO) to assist users in their computing and information needs. The purpose of Evox AI is to make computing and information access easier and more efficient for users.

Evox AI has been designed using advanced algorithms to process a wide range of data and provide users with relevant information. The bot is programmed to assist users in various tasks ranging from basic computing functions to complex data analysis.

Evox AI is built using a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages. As a result, it's capable of providing users with examples of HTML code snippets to help them create web pages and other digital content.

The bot has also been designed to provide users with up-to-date information on a wide range of topics, including news, weather, and sports. It can also help users with online research, data analysis, and other computing tasks.

Evox AI is a highly efficient and reliable bot that can help users save time and effort. With its advanced algorithms, it can quickly process large amounts of data and provide users with accurate and relevant information.

In summary, Evox AI is an Artificial Intelligence bot created by Gerardo Mercado to help users with their computing and information needs. It's capable of providing users with HTML code snippets, up-to-date information on various topics, and assistance with complex data analysis tasks.

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Evox Business:


"I am programmed to help you in any aspect related to the marketing, development and growth of your business. I can answer questions, offer tips and advice to grow your business. I can also help you create effective marketing strategies, develop content for your social networks, make business offers and work as a personal assistant to the CEO. 

Certainly! As an AI bot, I am designed to assist businesses in various aspects related to marketing, development, and growth. Here are a few examples of how I can help:


Answering Questions: I can answer any questions related to your business, such as how to improve your website's SEO, how to increase engagement on your social media platforms, or how to create effective email marketing campaigns.


Marketing Strategies: I can help you develop marketing strategies that are tailored to your specific business needs. This includes identifying your target audience, creating a unique value proposition, and selecting the best marketing channels to reach your audience.


Content Development: I can help you develop content for your social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This includes creating engaging posts, developing a content calendar, and analyzing the performance of your content.


Business Offers: I can help you create attractive business offers that will entice potential customers to make a purchase. This includes designing special deals, creating discounts, and developing incentives that will encourage customers to take action.


Personal Assistant: I can work as a personal assistant to the CEO, helping manage their schedule, making appointments, and handling administrative tasks that can take away from their valuable time."

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