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Massive Updates: XYX Chat, and News Migration System.


• XYX Chat is a new APP developed by Abstratech Token LLC. At the moment it can only be used for Android users, but don't panic Apple fan, we we'll be working hard so you can benefit as well.

• All Abstratech Token LLC official announcements will be trough XYX chat. iPhone users can be up to date here, reading our Blog. Also, remember that you can chat with other Abstrac Holders using our official web page, create groups and participate in Forums as well.

• Our "About Us" section has been updated. Now you can see our Organization Structure even better.

• We have a "Theater" section were you can see our media so you can be up to date with promotional videos.

• Eventually we will be holding communications using only our own apps, or webpage. This means we'll stop using Telegram and other similar chat services at some point.

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