Abstratech NFT's are here!

Our First Edition NFT's are here. If you are a collector or have experience with collection investment, you know how important is to get the first edition of any piece. This is your chance! Ellis Marvel Collection is here and available for you! Only 10 of each version is available as First Editions.

Spider Ellis https://crypto.com/nft/marketplace?asset=83f3f14f1176cb9ebf8cdbc1017eaa54&detail-page=MARKETPLACE

Hulk Ellis https://crypto.com/nft/marketplace?asset=6d376d35cca4fd8c0306df4b790e19e3&detail-page=MARKETPLACE

Iron Ellis https://crypto.com/nft/marketplace?asset=698645cb6f6609b9b1c1b09435e34efd&detail-page=MARKETPLACE

Captain Ellis https://crypto.com/nft/marketplace?asset=1ce11be9d34ceb32d6f3831edda0bd0e&detail-page=MARKETPLACE

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