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Where Blockchain Meets the Future of Digital Innovation"


Matrix City: A Revolutionary Digital City
Matrix City is a virtual digital city that, while similar to the metaverse, distinguishes itself by focusing not on entertainment, but on creating an expanded, decentralized, and adapted digital economy. To make this digital economy thrive, the priority is to utilize blockchain technology for all types of contracts, whether they involve property, personal identification, and more.

 Objective of Matrix City
The goal of Matrix City is to be an expanded metaverse aimed at legal businesses, with a vision and application in blockchain technology. This will allow for:
1. Security and Transparency: Using blockchain for contracts and transactions ensures the security and transparency of all operations.
2. Personal Identification: Each individual will have a cryptographic identity, providing an additional level of security and trust in transactions.
3. Decentralized Digital Economy: Facilitates the creation of a robust, decentralized digital economy where transactions and contracts are fast, secure, and verifiable.

 Innovations and Benefits
1. Abstrac Token and Xper Coin:
  - Abstrac Token: This is the first token of Matrix City, which will be used in the debut of Matrix City's exchange, known as Xper Evolution Network.
  - Xper Coin: Unlike a token, this will be the main cryptocurrency of Matrix City, offering more functionality and utility within Matrix City's economy.
2. Xper Evolution Network:
  - This exchange will allow for secure and fast transactions using Xper Coin, fostering a thriving economic environment within Matrix City.
3. Own Ledger:

  - Matrix City will have its own ledger, ensuring greater efficiency and security in managing transactions and contracts.


 Innovation in the Memeverse
Matrix City also introduces the "Memeverse," an environment where "trash" memes are distinguished from real memes through an advanced KYC (Know Your Customer) system applied to both developers and investors. This blockchain-based identity system will ensure that each individual has a unique and verified cryptographic identity.


1. Security and Authenticity:
  - Clear separation of legitimate and quality memes from those without value.
  - Cryptographic identity system that allows for tracking and verifying the authenticity of creators and participants.

2. Cryptographic Identity and Transactions:
  - Each individual will be able to receive transactions directly to their blockchain identity, not to an anonymous wallet. This will revolutionize how personal transactions are handled, providing an additional layer of security and trust.


 Revolutionary Impact
The implementation of these technologies and systems in Matrix City promises to be revolutionary for several reasons:
1. Transparency and Security: Blockchain ensures that all transactions and contracts are transparent and secure, reducing the risk of fraud.
2. Decentralization: Promotes a decentralized digital economy where no central authority controls transactions.
3. Efficiency: Transactions and contracts are faster and more efficient thanks to blockchain technology.
4. Trust: The cryptographic identity system provides an additional level of trust, allowing for secure and verifiable personal transactions.

In summary, Matrix City is designed to be a revolutionary platform where blockchain technology drives a decentralized and secure digital economy, focusing on business and authenticated personal transactions through cryptographic identities.

Futuristic City

[Ellis - 2.0]

Welcome to Matrix City, the hub of digital innovation where avatars are the norm. With a full immersive experience, avatars provide businesses and blockchain transactions with a unique edge. To get started, you can buy your avatar in NFTs available on platforms like As NFTs rise in popularity and Ellis Marvel's superheroes take the world by storm, Matrix City is the perfect place to explore the future of identity. Join us today and experience the future!

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