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[Welcome to our Matrix City page. Matrix City is our under construction Metaverse. If you haven't read about XPERSONA, please do so before continuing reading.]


[Matrix City is our metaverse; a digital 3D city shared in real time with online users (Personas) using customized avatars (Ellis). Matrix City is Abstratech Token Core Project. All of our other technologies are autonomous, but they can be merged in Matrix City for a better user experience. For example, we XPER, XYX Chat, and Luturas, they all can be accessed in Matrix City so you can do a lot in a single place. However, the main feature of Matrix City is True Networking. You will be able to rent a virtual land, established your own business and hire people to work with you. Products and services can be sold and bought for digital purposes or "In Real Life".]

[THE BASICS - 1.0]

Key Features

✅️ 3D Virtual City

✅️ Virtual Business

✅️ Visionaries Entrepreneurs

✅️ Favorite virtual place for costumers.


⭐️Abstrac Token utility⭐️


✅️ Buy, Sell, Deposit, Grants 

✅️ Buy, Rent, Lease VR Lands

✅️ Abstrac Decentralized Bank

✅️ Web 3.0‐Web5.0 

✅️ Own your Data 100%

✅️ KYC Security Verification

✅️ NFTs Benefits utility

✅️ NFT Hall of Fame Museum

✅️ Abstratech Orphanage 

✅️ Cacique Abstrac Casino 

✅️ Game Start For Gamers

✅️ Contract your own Employes 

✅️ Arena Theather

✅️  XPERSONA Features

[Check Section 3.0 For Details]

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-01 at 10.53.53 AM.jpeg
Ellis true black.gif


In Matrix City your avatar is a customizable version of Ellis.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-01 at 10.53.53 AM (1).jpeg

[DETAILS - 3.0]

• In Matrix City you will be able to navigate through a 3D virtual city.


• You may rent a virtual land or structure so you can promote your in real life product or service. Whatever the person request "in-game" they should receive it "in-real life". 


• To minimize scams we will use the KYC protocol from XPERSONA. 

• Matrix City economy is powered by Abstrac (Abstratech Token). You will be able to do transactions with this currency, but also be able to exchange it, request loans, etc. 

• Using XPERSONA hiring protocol (project protocol), you will be able to create your own work force for your company. 

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