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Abstrac Token


Abstract Background

    Roadmap Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Abstrac Token roadmap lays the groundwork for a robust and engaged community. Key initiatives include the establishment of a Telegram Super Group, fostering direct and real-time communication with investors. The development and launch of a comprehensive web page and detailed whitepaper ensure transparency, providing potential investors with vital information about the project's vision, technical framework, and strategic goals. This phase also includes the first wave of a targeted marketing campaign aimed at increasing the token's visibility and attracting early adopters. Additionally, special engagement with VIP holders offers exclusive benefits, ensuring a strong base of committed investors. Now is the perfect time to invest in Abstrac Token and be part of a project that prioritizes transparency, community engagement, and strategic growth from the outset.

   Roadmap Phase 2

Phase 2 propels Abstrac Token into a stage of accelerated growth and market integration. This phase includes attractive pre-sale offers for VIP holders, with incentives like 2x1 and 2.5x1 deals, and sets ambitious pre-sale targets between 10% and 12%. Demonstrating social responsibility, the project plans multiple donations to orphanages. Rigorous compliance is ensured through a Solid Proof Audit and KYC procedures, bolstering investor confidence. Strategic technical advancements are marked by the Coin Tool Pre-Sale and partnerships for Ellis NFT on The introduction of the Project XPER app promises enhanced user experience and utility. Further stages include the Genesis Phase, encompassing networking, standby, and the reboot of Abstratech 2.0. The phase concludes with international expansion, a final pre-sale with gifts, and the official token launch on June 30, 2023. This comprehensive roadmap highlights a detailed, strategic approach to long-term growth. Invest in Abstrac Token now to secure your position in a project poised for significant impact and global reach.

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Phase 1

✅  Telegram Super Group

✅  Web Page

✅  Whitepaper

✅ Marketing Part 1

✅  VIP Holders 

Phase 3

• Holders Roadmap

• Coin Market Cap

• Long Term Holders Benefits

• Massive Adoption

• Orphanage Donation 3

• Reliability Proof

• Exchange Enlistment 

Phase 2

✅  Pre-Sale 2x1 and VIP Holders 2.5x1

✅  Pre-Sale ends at 10%-12%

✅  Orphanage Donation 1

✅  Solid Proof Audit and KYC

✅ Orphanage Donation 2

✅ Coin Tool Pre-Sale

✅ Ellis NFT (


✅ Project XPER (APP)

✅ Genesis Phase

- Networking Phase

- Standby Phase

- Reboot (Abstratech 2.0)


 International Expansion

 Final Pre-Sale

- Gift

✅ Token Launch (June 30, 2023)

Phase 4

• Certik Audit

• Utility Phase

• Orphanage Donation 4

• Project ELLIS (Virtual Assistant)

• Matrix City

• Season 2 Introduction


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